Please enjoy browsing some of the needlepoint catalogues below. There are many more products in stock and not shown on our site that are available from many other suppliers throughout the needle arts industry, such as threads, tools, and kits, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what you need below.

Yarn Crafters Needlepoint Catalogue


Needlepoint refers to stitching techniques worked on stiff open grid canvas mesh to create a sturdy fabric. The basic stitch is the slanted Tent Stitch, which may also be referred to as Continental Stitch, Half Cross Stitch or Basketweave Stitch, depending on the direction of the rows as it is worked. When worked on fine weave canvas it is also known as “Petitpoint”. Commercial designs for needlepoint may be found in different forms: Hand-Painted Canvas, Printed Canvas, and Trammed Canvas.